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There are so many Christians out there who get easily offended by people who criticize their faith or even make jokes about it that we ought to commend a church that takes the jokes and spits them right back.

St Matthew-in-the-City church in Auckland, New Zealand is responsible for these memorable ads:

They’re GLBT friendly, too:

I bring them up because, recently, local eatery Hell Pizza put up this billboard:

But St Matthew-in-the-City came back with a billboard of its own:

Well played, Anglicans…

“The purpose of the billboard is to suggest that you can’t put all Christians in the same box,” [Priest-in-charge Clay] Nelson said.

“We want to engage society. In this case we want to engage the church that chose to be offended by what was really just a source of fluff and amusement.

“Sometimes we do take on our fellow co-religionists to say ‘look, by making a fuss about this all you did was give them even more publicity — is that because you like Hell Pizza so much or what?’

“We are just reminding people we shouldn’t take ourselves so seriously about such things.”

It’s the attitude every church needs to have.

It doesn’t make me want to go to their church or think they’re right when it comes to theology, but I would love to have discussions about faith with them.

(Thanks to Sam for the link!)