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Efrique made me laugh 🙂

And I wouldn’t be surprised if this actually happened when a Creationist looked through a photo album…

Flip. Flip.
“Nice baby shot there.”
Flip. Flip.
“First steps. Kinda cute.”
Flip. Flip.
“Hey, I had a train cake for my 4th birthday too.”
Flip. Flip. Flip-flip-flip.
“Ooh, that graduation photo is out of focus!”
Flip. Flip-flip.
“Hang on, there’s no shots of her sixth birthday! What are you trying to pull?… None of these photos show her in the process of aging! Where are the transitional forms?… there’s no evidence she aged at all!”

And this proves that the process of aging is nothing but an atheist myth.

(via Ecstathy)

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