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A word of advice to religious people:

When a woman on a dating website has a profile that mentions her atheism, please, please, please do not respond to her like this guy did to a friend of mine:

My God, what’s the world coming to when girls with angelic countenances like yours turn out to be atheists? Me, I still believe that there’s good and evil, and since those concepts are rendered meaningless in an atheistic framework, I’m not willing to make that tremendous leap of faith, especially into such a pessimistic world view. (Not to mention, it kind of ruins Christmas — and why would anyone choose to believe something that ruins Christmas? That just seems so needlessly cruel to oneself.)
Oh well — take care, best wishes in your life, and you’ve got great cheekbones.


The guy’s profile also included his wish for the type of girl he’d like to meet:

Someone who knows how to curtsey. A companion / muse / charming, village servant girl who will cater to, and endure, my moods and needs… you don’t have to promise to always be a good little girl (a little mischief is expected), but you do have to promise to at least be willing to sit up all hours of the night… and still make coffee in the morning.


She is *so* not going to bear his children anytime soon…

Anyone else think she should go ahead and meet the guy just for our future amusement?


Just me?


Has your atheism ever hurt your dating life before it even began?