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There’s a nice article making the rounds dealing with atheists in Indonesia, a country where you’re apparently free to choose your own religion, as long as you believe in a god:

Embedded within Indonesia’s constitution are the following two lines: “all persons have the right to worship according to their own religion or belief” and “the nation is based upon belief in one supreme God.”
Placed side by side, it’s almost as if those two lines take on a new meaning. Feel free to worship however you choose, but make sure you choose to worship.

… despite the overwhelming odds, the rank of non-believers is growing — largely thanks to the Internet which offers an anonymous meeting place where non-believers can gather without the fear of reprisal.
By utilizing social networking tools such as blogs and Facebook groups, Indonesian non-believers are discovering that there is a considerable amount of like-minded people in the country.

It’s a very positive article and the people featured are brave enough to use their real names. If they’re brave enough to do that, it has to encourage other atheists to at least anonymously begin to come out in that country… right? I hope so.