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After activist Rob Sherman heard that a science teacher at Libertyville High School in Illinois was teaching Creationism — you can see the teacher’s handouts here (PDF) — all he had to do was speak up at a school board meeting to put a stop to it.

It was that simple:

Libertyville High School teacher Beau Schaefer has been ordered by School District 128 to stop teaching creationism during the evolution chapter of his biology class. The order came only four days after I informed the School Board that one of Mr. Schaefer’s students had expressed to me grave concern and frustration that Mr. Schaefer was asserting that creationism and intelligent design were more viable scientific theories than evolution.

District 128 Associate Superintendent Dr. Al Fleming informed me, yesterday morning, that all teachers in District 128 have similarly been advised that they can’t teach that creationism is science.

That’s how Rob self-reported the story. Here’s how the Chicago Tribune put it:

On Tuesday, Libertyville High School administrators said they had spoken with Schaefer and determined that creationism was being taught in his classroom.

“The administration looked into the matter and found that one LHS science teacher was referencing creationism in a unit on evolution,” said Mary Todoric, director of communications. “Steps have been taken to ensure that this teacher will no longer use creationism as part of his classroom instruction. Furthermore, the district has taken appropriate steps to ensure that all science teachers are not referencing or teaching creationism.”

District 128 officials would not comment on whether there has been any disciplinary action.

Schaefer did not return several phone calls.

In any case, there was no lawsuit. There was no dragged out process. There was simply a student, telling a parent, telling someone (Rob) they knew could do something about it. The administration, to their credit, took immediate action.

To any students out there who have to put up with shit like this: If you hear your teachers endorsing their faith in your classroom, you don’t have to let it go on.

Tell someone you trust: A parent, another teacher… hell, just tell me and I’ll pass the information along to the right people.

Or you can take the Matt LaClair route and tape your teacher preaching Creationism in the classroom

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