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The Duggar family — mom, dad, 18 children — is about to get one person larger.

A grandchild is entering the mix.

Josh Duggar said he and his wife haven’t yet picked out a name, but are leaning toward establishing a theme with the future children’s names.

“We’re pretty sure we’re not going to go with J,” Josh Duggar said.

… He said he and his new wife are frequently asked whether they’ll have a large family.

“We have committed leaving that area up to God as far as our family size,” he said.

Think about this scenario: If the grandparent Duggars have another child — and you know they will — the grandchild will be older than the child.

The grandchild will have to call the younger child an aunt or uncle.

This is just f’ed up… Apparently, this is more commonplace than I thought…

(Thanks to Benjamin for the link!)

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