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There’s a nice profile of Paul Kurtz, who founded the Center For Inquiry, by Jay Tokasz of The Buffalo News.

They focus on his legacy, which includes the more recent rift with the organization he founded:

Kurtz appreciates the no-punches-pulled approach of writers such as Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins, firebrands of what has been dubbed the “new atheism,” an especially uncompromising critique of religion.

But it’s not what secular humanism and the Center for Inquiry that Kurtz envisioned are all about, he added.

Kurtz and his supporters cited the center’s “Blasphemy Day” last fall as evidence that it is headed in a direction more in line with the new atheism.

The event included contests calling for cartoons and slogans that illustrated the best forms of blasphemy — a gimmick that Kurtz termed “sophomoric.”

“That’s his greatest fear, that it’s becoming an outright atheist organization,” said Kurtz’s son, Jonathan, who runs the publishing company, Prometheus Books, that Kurtz founded in 1969. “There’s plenty of atheist organizations out there. There doesn’t need to be another one.”

Kurtz has arguably done more to promote Humanism than anyone else alive, between CFI, his books, Prometheus Books, and his magazines. Even his critics have good things to say about him.

(Thanks to Joe for the link!)