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WITH no apparent evidence other than a photograph of Spanish priest Andreas Garci­a Torres hugging a young Cuban seminarian, the Catholic bishop of Getafe has leapt to the outrageous conclusion that there is something gay about two topless men in a warm embrace.
According to this report, the bishop now wants the priest to abandon his parish in the Madrid dormitory town of Fuenlabrada, undergo a psychiatric cure, and take an HIV test.
Torres responded by saying he intends going to Rome to show that he is being expelled from his parish unfairly.
The priest, who insists that he and the 28-year-old with whom he was photographed on a trip to Fatima are just good friends, and threw down this challenge:

Let them measure my anus and see if it is dilated.

He said his mum hadn’t stopped crying over what has happened.
Locals say that the priest is a very humane person, dedicated to helping others. More than 1,000 signatures have been gathered in his support.
Hat tip: Alistair