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Last month, the Alabama Atheists and Agnostics group chalked their university with info about upcoming meetings… only to have it all erased by some unknown culprits.

They re-chalked. It got re-erased.

This cycle and the reaction to it earned the group lots of great publicity. And now, they’re able to spread their message to a larger audience:

[AAA president Sam] Arnold said AAA’s mission has two parts.

“We want to create a social hub for secular students,” Arnold said. “We also want to increase awareness and acceptance of nonreligious worldviews in the UA community.”

Caitlin McClusky, a sophomore majoring in anthropology and a member of AAA, said she joined to be with people with similar views.

“I’ve been agnostic all my life, and I’ve been in Alabama all my life, and it’s been pretty hard,” McClusky said. “It’s really important to have something like this in a university setting and have discourse on this. People need to know it’s okay.”

AAA’s first speaker of the year — Professor Kevin Kukla summarizing the history of Creationist arguments — is this Sunday.

Here’s hoping they draw a capacity crowd.