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I know, I know, A Week has barely started, but Trevor Boeckmann (of the University of Northern Iowa Freethinkers and Inquirers — UNIFI) is not happy with it.

And he has a very good point.

No one outside of our movement knows what the “A” means. Yes, some people will look up what’s going on. Most won’t.

Want to actually help help with the movement? Grab a sheet of paper, write that you’re an atheist, and make that your profile picture… A symbol is nice. A face is better.

Some people are getting on board with that idea and Trevor is collecting their pictures:

It’s a great idea to attach a face with the idea — there’s something so positive about it… you’re proud of your atheism, dammit!

If you decide to participate, feel free to post links to your own pictures in the comments!