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Reader Lindsay was looking at her childhood Bible recently. Turns out there were a *lot* of passages she highlighted that no longer have the same meaning.

I decided that it might be interesting to look at the Bible I used growing up. Looking at the Bible now is a completely different experience. I used to somehow be able to skim over the nasty parts and pick out the nice stuff, but that’s no longer the case. My personal Bible is full of highlighted portions and the occasional note, so I think it will be fun to have a look at what I used to find worthy of highlighting.

In retrospect, some of it is just downright scary.

Here’s just one page from her Bible (the notes in black pen are from after she lost her faith):

I wasn’t raised with a Bible, but when a friend from high school found out I was an atheist, she gave me a “nice” one because she figured I would make good use of it.

Since I was brand new to atheism (and a stranger of sorts of Christianity), I was amazed at what I found inside the Bible. So many contradictions and fairy tales… didn’t anyone else know about it?! I had to do my own highlighting and marking-up. (My English teachers would’ve been proud of the time and effort I spent annotating that Bible…)

Lindsay is wondering — and so am I — what do your old Bibles look like now?

Did you ever go back and look at passages that meant something to you back then? What do they mean to you now?

Did you do anything special with your Bible after you became an atheist?

By the way, Lindsay’s Bible also had some messed up pictures in it. Like this one with Abraham and Isaac:

Who thought that was a good idea to include in a children’s Bible!?

It looks pretty similar to the satirical Illustrated Stories from the Bible (that they won’t tell you in Sunday School)