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Last week I posted a link to a story about Andrew Marin, a man who was reaching out to the LGBT community as a gay-friendly pastor, but was also leading anti-gay activist training sessions at the same time.

The original Chicago Reader story on him is here. The story of the conflicting interests is here.

Marin responded to this post with the following:


I just saw this blog and figured I’d pop in and give my 2 cents worth…whatever it’s worth. Where Mike O. quoted the portion of the article and spoke about Michelangelo asking me four times…in fact, all Michelangelo did was yell, accuse and blame me for about 15 minutes and never gave me the true opportunity to speak my mind. If that is what he means by asking, then I guess we have two different opions of what a conversation is.

Also, the most interesting part of the article was when Steve Forst, the President of Dignity was quoted as not being happy with the foundation and me misleading him. Well, the truth always comes out, and Steve is now on the record through the Advocate and the media as saying that he NEVER said any of what was printed in the article. How interesting?!

The Marin Foundation is here to build bridges, and we would love the opportunity to talk to anyone about what we do and who we are. I will never enter into their one-sided, he-said-she-said debate, so if you would like to learn the truth, feel free to contact me directly.

We have also posted a repsone on our website,

Thank you and God Bless.

Andrew Marin

Logos asked a direct question in response: Is homosexuality a sin?

If Pastor Andrew is still reading this, what are your questions for him?

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