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Last year at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky wanted to see an 8-foot-tall menorah on display. The airport already had giant Christmas trees in place.
Madness ensued.
To avoid that situation, airport personnel are done with all things Christmas-y:

“We’re featuring peace and harmony,” said Mike Feldman, deputy managing director of the airport. “We’re using lights. Winters are so dark and dreary.”
That means no Santa Claus at the airport. No Christmas tree. And no menorahs. Nothing that smacks of a religious Christmas or Hanukkah celebration.

The Rabbi’s lawyer, Harvey Grad, doesn’t like this decision:

“I find the whole thing stupid,” said Grad, who was prepared to sue over the menorah issue last year, though his client didn’t want to. “My view is that there was a need for accommodations. This is a multicultural city, and the airport should have gone out of its way to recognize different religious and ethnic views. I thought they would address that this year, but they decided to sidestep the issue.”
Grad added, “At no time did my client or anyone ever seek, intimate or suggest the tree should be removed. The idea came solely from within the Port, and my personal view is that the people of Seattle are going to be really disappointed with no Christmas trees.”

This year’s imaginary “War on Christmas” has begun.
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