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I think that I shall never see a poem as offensive as ‘Stem C’.

That’s what an anti-abortion organisation said on Tuesday about a poem that received an award from the San Francisco-based California Institute for Regenerative Medicine.
According to this report, the taxpayer-funded research centre held a poetry contest to commemorate Stem Cell Awareness Day last week. First prize was awarded to a poet who compared a scientific procedure that takes cells from a human embryo to the Christian ceremony of communion.
The poem “Stem C.” by Tampa-based Tyson Anderson begins, “This is my body/which is given for you,” and ends with, “Take this/in remembrance of me.”
After the poem ran in national publications and on the research organisation’s website, the Life Legal Defense Foundation lashed out and accused the agency of “rewarding blasphemy.”
A statement issued by the group declared:

The choice of this poem for a prize represents the deliberate pilfering of the holiest of voluntary, sacrificial acts in the history of humanity.

The stem cell agency has since apologised and pulled all of the poems off its website, according to Communications Manager Don Gibbons, who also served as one of three judges on the panel that picked the winners. He noted that one of the other judges, Margaret Hermes, is a devout Catholic and didn’t think the reference was at all belittling to her faith.

They found that use of religious language is artistically appropriate. But in the end, the poems were pulled because as a public agency we felt a responsibility to take them down if it caused offense.

Gibbons added:

We didn’t want it to be a distraction.

The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine has been sparring with the Life Legal Defense Fund since the publicly funded agency was approved by voters with Proposition 71 in 2004.
The religious group challenged the constitutionality of a $3 billion public agency funding human embryonic stem cell research but lost in an appeal. The group’s president, Dana Cody, noted that while the group lost the lawsuit, the agency has since been held to much stricter public scrutiny
Thanks to Life Legal Defense Foundation, Anderson’s “offensive” poem, reproduced below, is all over the interweb, and being read by millions more people than would ever have seen it had the insane Christian group kept their bloody mouths shut. They never learn, do they?

This is my body
which is given for you.
But I am not great.
I have neither wealth,
nor fame, nor grace.
I cannot comfort with words,
nor inspire to march.
I am small and simple,
so leave me this.
Let me heal you.
This is my body
which is given for you.
Take this
in remembrance of me.