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I received an email from a recent widow — my heart goes out to her — and I’m hoping some of you might have a better response than anything I could come up with:

I’m 44 years old and was widowed this month. My husband of two and a half years died of an infection. I would like to find secular online conversation with other widowed people.

So far, I’ve only seen chats that consist mostly of a lot of blather about how ones “soul mate” “passed on” and is “in a better place.”

I’m fortunate in my friends and grateful for my atheist family (3 non-believing generations living, at last count!), but would like to be able to hear the thoughts of other widows — well, the thoughts of other widows who are not ridiculous.

Have you any ideas?

In case anyone has other questions about dealing with death, I’ve opened a new thread on the Forums about the topic.

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