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Mike Clawson is a regular commenter on this blog. He wants to see equal rights for gay people, believes in Evolution, strongly advocates the separation of church and state, endorses humanist ideals, and doesn’t think the Bible should always be read literally.
All this may be unusual because he is a Christian pastor.
Though if you’ve seen what he’s written, you know his remarks are always respectful and knowledgeable. He gives praise to atheists who make good points, while rightfully pointing out when atheists make incorrect blanket statements about Christians. At the same time, he’ll be on the front lines telling Christian commenters not to preach on this site unless they genuinely want to have a dialogue.
So I thought it would be interesting to allow readers to ask Mike their hardest questions about faith or Christianity or church or anything else that’s relevant.
Please post your questions in the comment section. I’ll pick a handful of them that I’d like to see answered. And Mike will then provide us with his insight.
And please hold off discussion of the questions on this thread. Let’s wait till Mike answers; then people can weigh in with their thoughts.

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