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Edwin Kagin, National Legal Director for American Atheists (and a founder of Camp Quest), is representing David Ryan in his quest to prevent his son from attending a Catholic high school.

Ryan (an atheist) is divorced from his son’s mother (who is Roman Catholic):

According to Kagin, when Ryan and his wife got divorced, a judge ordered their son continue attending a Catholic school.

But Ryan is an atheist and wants his son to attend a public high school next year, so Friday, he took the issue in front of a judge in an Oldham County courtroom.

“David feels the orientation and the indoctrination of the church school is harmful to his child,” Kagin said.

According to court documents, Ryan believes if his son continues to attend a religious school, it will attempt to indoctrinate his son into a belief system that he as a parent rejects.

If Kentucky law comes into play, as it should, this should be an open/shut case:

Kagin said part of Kentucky’s constitution reads, “Nor shall any man be compelled to send his child to any school to which he may be conscientiously opposed.”

Kagin said going by the law, the judge’s decision should be easy, but he doesn’t know how much the judge will consider Ryan’s son’s wishes on the matter.

The mother hasn’t commented on this case yet.

Check out a TV news report here, and when you do, also note Edwin’s killer beard.

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