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Today is the day that hundreds of atheists in Poland are staging a coming out march:

What is the significance of this march?

“We want to show that there are non-believers living in Poland,” Ewelina Podsiad, the chief organiser of the march, told the Krakow Post. According to the MAiA website, the non-theist minority needs to be recognised because “in a situation when a minority is not visible, it is easy to discriminate against it, to exclude its interests and rights, especially in the crucial area of legislation”.

The march’s organisers want to show Polish society that there are non-believers amongst them, and argue that the country’s legislation should reflect this. Ms. Podsiad also explained that it’s important for non-believers to realise that they are not alone. Around 300 participants are expected at the march tomorrow afternoon. While Ms. Podsiad does not expect trouble from religious or extremist groups, MAiA has nonetheless applied for police protection to ensure the safety of the marchers.

This is a big deal in one of the most Pope-friendly cities in the world. I wish them well and look forward to positive reports from the march.

(Thanks to Anna for the link!)