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A $2,000 fundraising campaign to create billboards mocking the $101 million Ark Encounter theme park due to open in Kentucky this July raised $3,755 – in just one day!
According to this report, columnist and author Dan Arel, together with the Tri-State Freethinkers, launched the appeal for  to poke fun at the creationist park.
The group says on its Indiegogo page:

The park celebrates a biblical parable of genocide and incest. While they have a legal right to celebrate their mythology, we find it immoral and highly inappropriate as family entertainment.

The park, created by a group headed by lunatic creationist Ken Ham, will include a a 510-foot model of Noah’s Ark, as well as teaching exhibits based on the premise that the flood Noah and his family were escaping on the vessel separated the world’s continents.
The Freethinkers said:

They are portraying the story of Noah’s Ark as an actual historical event. This is scientifically not possible.

One of the rewards in the funding campaign includes a chance for donors contributing $500 to have their picture displayed on the billboard — depicting them as they “drown” under the Ark.
According to the Freethinkers, the first $2,000 raised will go toward setting up one small billboard on a state route for one month. For $6,000, they will erect six small billboards or a larger one along an interstate. And if they should raise $150 million, they said:

We will build our very own Genocide & Incest Park and ask for state tax incentives and we will not [discriminate] during hire.

This refers to the fact that Ark Encounter only wants faith-heads to work at the park.
Hat tip: Trevor Blake

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