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Ever since Scott Morrison, inset, seized power last month, the godless masses in Australia – one of the least religious countries on the planet – have been asking themselves how they came to be saddled with a Prime Minister who’s a right-wing evangelical numpty. 
Oh wait … numpties was the word used by Morrison to describe an Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) team that allowed a pair of comedians to take the piss out of his Christianity on the television show Tonightly.
According to this report, the pair, introduced on the Monday broadcast as “Christian rock” musicians, The Shadow Ministers, sang:

You’ve got to love thy neighbour unless they vote Labour or are foreign or gay.

Other “controversial” lyrics included “We love Jesus, Jesus, but not refugee-us” and “to do what pleases Jesus, deny them all visas.”
The song was inspired by the fact that, while Immigration Minister, Morrison implemented bills that deterred asylum seekers and opposed legal recognition of gay marriage.
Said Morrison:

The ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) can be numpties every now and then but my faith teaches me to love each other and to turn the other cheek.

Some Christians were less … um … Christian. On a Facebook response to the performance, one user wrote:

This is abhorrent editorial garbage. Completely disrespecting the views of many Australians and faith.

Another asked the tired old question:

Would they do this if he was a Muslim?

The ABC has defended the performance and said the satirical skit was not an attack on Christianity.