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Muscle-bound street preacher Krissoni Henderson, 31, who has a penchant for tight tops, has been convicted today of religiously aggravated threatening behaviour.
According to the BBC, Krissoni found himself in the dock after he told a woman she would “burn in hell” for wearing tight jeans. He also accused Noor Alneaimi of being a prostitute and a non-believer, and threatened to “blow her up”.
He also called police officers arresting him “disgusting atheists”.
Alneaimi, 38, told the court she had heard the defendant shouting abuse at a passer-by on New Street, Birmingham, on July 4 before he turned to her and made a comment about her “tight” jeans.

He directed the conversation to me and started saying you are a ‘kafir’ [an Islamic term for a non-believer] He said ‘You shall burn in hell, look at your jeans they are so tight. You will burn in hell for wearing such clothes’.

Alneaimi told the court she was “astounded and absolutely terrified” by his behaviour, leading to her filing a complaint with West Midlands Police.
Footage from cameras worn by officers visiting Henderson’s flat showed the defendant shouting at officers, including calling one a “filthy disgusting beast” and a “statue worshipper”.
He also shouted “Allahu Akbar” before he was arrested, the court heard.
During his trial Mr Henderson said Ms Alneaimi may have “targeted” him and been trying to seduce him, saying she may have been attracted to his muscles.
He declined to confirm his religion, saying his beliefs are:

To love people regardless of what they wear.

Today, he was handed a community order of 24 months which includes anger management treatment. He’s also required to observe a six-month curfew between 7 pm and 7 am.
During the case prosecutor Simon Brownsey told Henderson:

You lost control, you were enraged. You called this lady a non-believer, that she was going to hell but that before she got there, you were going to blow her up

Peter Ricketts, defending Henderson, said the woman was very forceful and had “stuck fingers up at him”.
He said his client suffers from bipolar disorder and has been trying to get work. He has certificates for body guard work and first aid, and is hopeful at some stage to find work and support his wife and young child.
Ricketts said Henderson was a doting father and wants to be a model figure in his son’s life.
He said Henserson has stopped preaching now but had strong views on religion which he will keep to himself.
Henderson, who has been unemployed for five years, was ordered to pay his victim compensation of £200 and court costs of £400.
He has a previous conviction for using threatening words and behaviour.  In 2014 he was given a community order.
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