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Some Mormon Fundamentalists have been instilling the “fear of authority” into babies through the use of water torture.

“It’s quite common,” Carolyn Blackmore Jessop said. She was a witness for the B.C. government in the constitutional reference case to determine whether Canada’s polygamy law is valid.

“They spank the baby and when it cries, they hold the baby face up under the tap with running water. When they stop crying, they spank it again and the cycle is repeated until they are exhausted.”

It’s typically done by fathers and it’s called “breaking in.”

Her assertions about water torture were not challenged by FLDS lawyer Robert Wickett during cross-examination.

… She said her ex-husband, Merril Jessop, used it on “a lot” of his 54 children, including her own.

What the hell…

What sick mind even comes up with this idea? And how are they getting away with this?

This is they type of thing that happens when religion goes awry and a group of abusive parents go unchecked.

(The video below, featuring an interview with Jessop, is safe to watch:)

Obviously, most religious people would never do this or support this — we’re only talking about a tiny fraction of Mormons here and they’re not even affiliated with the mainstream Mormon Church — but is anyone really surprised that this sort of thing is happening in a religious context?

It’s the sort of mentality that must have led Hindu extremists to stick babies in front of cobras for some bizarre rite of passage (oh, but the cobra’s fangs were removed and it’s mouth was stitched up, so it was ok…).

Even if the water torture wasn’t an issue here, we should also be condemning this idea that a child should be taught to fear authority or offer unequivocal obedience to parents. Not all parents deserve respect and not everything they say should be followed.

Daddy doesn’t always know what’s best. In this case, he’s not only wrong, he’s a criminal.