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Christianity Today recently published a promising-but-ultimately-disappointing article called “The Leavers” about why young people are leaving the church.
One of the reason we leave? Our morals:

A teenage girl goes off to college and starts to party. A young man moves in with his girlfriend. Soon the conflict between belief and behavior becomes unbearable. Tired of dealing with a guilty conscience and unwilling to abandon their sinful lifestyles, they drop their Christian commitment.

In other words, people leave Christianity because they really, really want to sin.
I know a hell of a lot of atheists. I’ve never heard a single person cite that as the reason they left the faith. People leave for a variety of reasons, two of the bigger ones being that the most crucial beliefs in Christianity don’t hold any intellectual weight and because they want nothing to do with Christianity when its beliefs guide millions of Christians (especially evangelical ones) to be anti-gay, anti-women, and anti-church/state separation.
The article only briefly mentions those things. So it basically misses the point.
Maybe they need someone who is an actual “leaver” to write the article for them…
Coincidentally, a former Christian (and one-time “Assistant Editor of an international Christian magazine”) is working on an article about “How Not to Talk to Apostates.” It basically a guide on what Christians should avoid saying around ex-Christians so that they can relate more effectively with us. It will also give Christians an “honest, apostate’s-eye-view of the Christian faith” and offer real explanations for why people walk away from it.
I know about this because the reporter is interested in talking with apostates who stopped believing in middle age, were deeply involved in ministry and/or had a fervent believing background — and she figured a lot of you read this site.
If you’d be willing to help her out, please contact her directly at With your input, maybe Christians can get a more accurate understanding of why you left the religion.