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Let me summarize what you’re about to see Christian apologist Sean McDowell say:

Of course we want to show love to our gay friends. But love only goes so far. I knew of a guy who came out as gay. His parents supported his decision. And then he died. Because of homosexual AIDS.

Moral of the story? Christians need to stop “accepting” gay people.

You can see it for yourself:

YouTube video

Good to see Christian kindness is still alive and well…

Do you really need any more proof that religion is harmful? It has convinced McDowell that loving a child is dependent on him having a relationship with only a certain subset of people.

There’s a little more to that clip than what you see — but McDowell doesn’t sound any better in the additional time. He says we must stand in “patient but loving opposition” to people we care about when they make bad choices.

As if being gay was “bad” or a “choice.”

He’s wrong on both counts and he comes off like a completely ignorant jackass in this clip.

The Christian church has no clue what it’s talking about when it comes to homosexuality. They’d be wise to not speak about it at all, but we know that’s not going to happen. They’ll keep talking, providing us with all the sound bytes we’ll ever need to use against them in the future when homosexuality is fully accepted.

I don’t know how anyone who knows a gay person could stand to be part of such a hateful organization. They should be ashamed of how the church treats the GLBT community.

(via Christian Nightmares and Jesus Needs New PR)