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Ex-con and SuperChristian Chuck Colson is mad at the Oxford Junior Dictionary.

You know those kinds of dictionaries — the abridged versions that are limited to words kids see on a more regular basis.

It seems several archaic words pertaining to “Britain’s Christian heritage” are gone.

Gone were words like “coronation,” “willow,” and “goldfish.” In their place were words like “MP3 player,” “blog,” and “biodegradable.”

(I don’t quite get the Christian connection to those… but moving on…)

The list continues:

“abbey, altar, bishop, chapel, christen, disciple, monk, nun, pew, saint,” and “sin” were all axed. Even Christmas took a hit: “carol,” “holly,” and “mistletoe” were removed.

And what blasphemous words have taken their place?

In their place, kids got “tolerant,” “interdependent,” and “bilingual.”


Those. F$%king. Monsters.

As we all know, Conservative Christians are against any type of tolerance… as well as people who speak more than one language, apparently. (Only Satan speaks Spanish, you know.)

When you only get 6,000 words to include, some of them will get cut to make room for words people mention often.

Of course, all the “dropped” words are in the regular Oxford Primary Dictionary… but clearly the abridged version is all that matters.

I’m sure when the kiddies read through the Junior Dictionary and don’t see their missing Christian words, they will become little heathens and kill someone immediately.