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Two days ago, the Cincinnati Coalition of Reason billboard went up:

Wait… what’s that? A crane? Yep. They took it down this morning.

Around 2:00 PM yesterday, the United Coalition of Reason, which paid $3,875.00 for a one-month run of the billboard, was contacted byLamar Advertising of Cincinnati. Lamar reported that the landowner of the site had been threatened over the billboard’s message and wanted it taken down. Lamar only leases the land the billboard stands on.

No word on who made the threat or what the threat was, but Lamar handled this exactly as they should have. They took down the message and moved it to another location — seemingly, a better location — at no extra charge.

There is some good to come from all this: More publicity for the atheist groups in Cincinnati and the fact that no one was harmed.

Every person of faith in the city should be on the Coalition’s side in this matter — that is, they should be saying that there’s nothing offensive in the message itself, which simply says people who don’t beleive in God are not alone. Furthermore, they should condemn the anonymous person who made this threat. They should tell their churchgoers that they support our right to free speech even if they may not agree with what we believe.

There’s no reason they should be distancing themselves from this matter.