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Of course, this had to be reported on Darwin’s birthday

According to the New York Times, Creationist Marcus R. Ross recently got his doctoral degree from the University of Rhode Island. Surprisingly, his dissertation contained sound science.

How does that happen?

For him, Dr. Ross said, the methods and theories of paleontology are one “paradigm” for studying the past, and Scripture is another. In the paleontological paradigm, he said, the dates in his dissertation are entirely appropriate. The fact that as a young earth creationist he has a different view just means, he said, “that I am separating the different paradigms.”

I’m not saying he should be denied his degree because of his religious beliefs. Especially if he did the work to earn it.

But I’m having trouble understanding what’s going through his head. He obviously thinks that the dates and time periods he wrote about in his dissertation are all wrong. He still submitted it, though. And he said of his thesis:

“I did not imply or deny any endorsement of the dates.”

The questions that arise are these: Was he just playing the game? Did he write his thesis without believing in it just so he could get a degree from a real university? Will he now use his credentials to espouse his theories on young earth Creationism?

For what it’s worth, Ross is currently teaching earth science at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University.

Ross had previously appeared on a DVD arguing for the Intelligent Design explanation of life over Evolution. The DVD identified him as “pursuing a Ph.D. in geosciences” at the University of Rhode Island.

It has already begun…

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