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MISOGYNY in Islam takes many forms, but when it extends to the mutilation of mannequins, one is left wondering whether there is any limit at all to the lunacy of the fundamentalist Muslim mind.

This picture was posted under the headline Mad Mullahs Mandate Mannequin Mastectomies here.
The report suggests that the mannequins, spotted in a shop window in Iran, had their breasts sawn off on orders from the Iranian morality police during the latest crackdown on female dress “standards”.
Depravity, thy name is ISLAM.
Hat tip: Alan
Iranian clerics have gone on the offensive against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for suggesting a “cultural campaign” against certain styles of dress rather using heavy-handed police tactics.

Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, yet another posturing Islamic imbecile

In Iran, some younger women are tending to move toward less-restrictive veils and headscarves, and close-fitting overcoats. But these “badly-veiled” women are a grave threat to Iran’s youth, says Guardian Council chief Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, who compared women who let their hair show to violent criminals.

Drug traffickers are hanged. Terrorists are executed and robbers are punished for their crimes, but when it comes to the law of God, which is above human rights, [some individuals] stay put and speak about cultural programs. Shall we let badly-veiled women be free in the society to corrupt our youth?

Jannati’s comments, delivered in a sermon last Friday, were in response to Ahmedinejad’s recent suggestion that the goals of recent police efforts to stop cars carrying women, closing stores selling inappropriate clothing, etc would be better accomplished through a cultural campaign.
Ayatollah Ahmad Alam Hoda of Mashhad agreed with Jannati, referring to the fans of “hijab-lite” as “a corrupt minority”.