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That’s the latest rumor floating around, courtesy of Michael Middlebrooks:

Last night as I was leaving a pizzeria in Downtown St. Pete, I ran into a small group of people around Florida Governor Charlie Crist who was campaigning for a US Senate run. So, I walked over waited a moment to gain his attention and shook his hand. As we were shaking hands I asked him if he really believes that the letters he sent to Jerusalem prevent hurricanes from hitting Florida.

His smile immediately dropped and he replied “Who’s more powerful than God.” That wasn’t really an answer so asked him again to which I got a similar reply. While this was happening one of his people put a “Charlie Crist for US Senate 2010” sticker on me. Then when I told Charlie that I did not believe in God he turned beat [sic] red and ripped the sticker off of my chest. He did a 180 to start shaking other peoples hands, and turned to scream over his shoulder that he feels sorry for me.

This supposedly happened to Michael, a member of the Atheists of Florida group, and Atheist Alliance International put out this statement on their behalf:

Atheists of Florida is demanding an official apology for this outrageous behavior. Imagine if any public official had reacted this way to a Jew or a Muslim expressing their worldview, by invading their personal space to rip off a campaign sticker, then screaming that he “feels sorry” for them!

If this happened, it ought to be big news.

But you mean to tell me Crist — a Republican candidate for Senate — attacked someone he was talking to while on the campaign trail and there were no cameras around?

Show me the proof, the video, the eyewitnesses — and then we can start taking this to the press.

Until then, no one should take this seriously.

It’s just like the oft-mentioned soundbyte from George Bush (the elder): “No, I don’t know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God.”

In that case, the only person who heard it was an atheist (Rob Sherman)… and there’s no audio/video recording of the statement. Did it happen? Maybe, but without proof, who knows.

I’m not saying Middlebrooks is a liar. But I’m not going to take his claim seriously unless he can back it up. As far as I’ve seen, he hasn’t done that yet.

(via No God Blog)