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A right-to-die campaigner and former nun Kate Tobin, 50, above, claims she has been targeted by ‘religious fanatics’ who say it’s wrong for her to want to take her own life.
The Irish Mirror reports that Tobin, from Clonroche in Wexford, wants to die with dignity before her Multiple Sclerosis takes over completely.
But the 50-year-old ex-nun from Clonroche, Wexford, claimed she has been bullied by some over her choice

I was a hospice nurse and a cancer nurse so I know what the end of life is like. I decided that when my MS gets worse I want to die on my own terms.

She added:

I’ve had people call to my door and religious fanatics post me letters and holy water saying that it’s wrong and not what God wants. They don’t consider my background as a nun.
When I’ve tried to have fundraisers I’ve had people ask why would they give me money if I’m going to kill myself.
I’ve also had a lady give me the Samaritans’ number and called again to check if I had phoned them.

Kate was diagnosed with the degenerative neurological condition four years ago and she has to take up to 50 tablets a day and needs a wheelchair.
She also has other symptoms such as problems with her speech, spasms, balance and is in a great deal of pain.
She has been forced to give up work and must rely on her disability allowance.
After buying specially-adapted furniture for her home, she has racked up more than €20,000 (£15,700) in debts and says the worry is only making things worse.
Tobin has made it clear she does not want to end her life immediately but says people struggle with the idea of assisted suicide.

I want to pick my own coffin and plan my own funeral. I don’t sleep worrying about how much money I owe. I want to die on my own terms and if my speech goes completely that’ll be a big loss for me.
People don’t see the difference between the right-to-die and suicide.

She added:

I don’t know what else I can do but can anybody help me out and spare a bit of money and give me a piece of life?

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