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I don’t know why I read letters-to-the-editor written by people who have no idea what they’re talking about.
But I came across this one and it just pissed me off:

I just want to say how tired I am of atheists complaining about their rights.
Now, if it weren’t for Christian-based food kitchens, homes for the abused, shelters for the homeless, etc., where would tens of thousands be? I have never seen an atheist help center.
If they choose not to believe in God, that’s their right, but should they force their nonbelief on a nation founded on godly principles?
So, the next time we have a tragedy and need consolation or help, should we call an atheist? Or would a Christian be better?
If they have no belief in God, why are they so upset?

That was published in The Ledger, which is based out of Lakeland, Florida, where the local city council is pushing to pray before meetings.
How *dare* atheists try to keep Christianity from taking over the council. The Atheist of Florida are fighting for separation for church and state. That benefits everybody, not just atheists.
Bower’s never seen an atheist help center?
Let me help him.
Foundation Beyond Belief has donated over $50,000 to a variety of charities in 2010 alone.
The Skeptics and Humanists Aid and Relief Effort (SHARE) raised over $100,000 for Haitian Earthquake relief and continues to raise money for large-scale disaster relief.
Members of SECULAR Center USA volunteer their time constantly, as do many members of many local atheist groups. The group in Austin, TX has done several food giveaways to the homeless with no strings attached.
Atheists donate blood, give to non-profits, and do what we can to make the world a better place because we know there’s no afterlife that will make things better.
You should try contacting some of the atheists running these charity groups. They’re people who know you don’t need a god to be good.
The rest of Bower’s letter makes no sense either. When have atheists ever “forced our non-belief” onto the nation? And, of course, our nation was never founded on “godly” principles. He asks: why are we so upset? For a lot of reasons. And because people like you don’t do their homework before writing letters disparaging an entire community of good people.