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Reader Stephan recently came across an old album of his by Ben Harper called Fight For Your Mind. When looking at the tracks on the CD, he noticed that one of the songs, “Power of the Gospel,” was one he still really liked:

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed that song from my old Harper years… I find it to be very powerful even now as an atheist. (Powerful in the sense that I still get chills whilst listening — yep, the same chills that the religious claim are the Holy Spirit racing through your body.)

Stephan raises a question I’m sure many of you have answers to:
Do you have any specifically religious or religiously-themed songs that you still enjoy?
Songs that just mention God/religion don’t count. We’re talking actual religious songs or songs out-and-out praising some god or another.
First two that came to my mind:

  • Jesus Walks — Kanye West
  • Half the soundtrack to the musical Godspell

If I took another minute, I’m sure I could find 328023 more items to add to that list.