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I read this in the middle of an article in the latest issue of Wired (19.03) and had to check it out for myself.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that when you give money to a Christian charity and they ask you who’s donating, “Mr. & Mr.” is not an option for “Title.” They don’t support gay marriage, so why would they offer that? The exclusion at least makes sense (even if it’s a bigoted move).

But if you and your spouse want to donate to Mission: Dignity (“Financial services guided by Christian values”), there is no option for professional women and their non-professional husbands.

There are options for:

Dr. and Mrs,
Capt and Mrs,
Commander and Mrs,
Judge and Mrs,
Lt Col and Mrs, and
Rev and Mrs.

There are no options for:

Dr. and Mr,
Capt and Mr,
Commander and Mr,
Judge and Mr,
Lt Col and Mr, and
Rev and Mr.

Mark Vanhoenacker writes in his article:

Married doctors (and judges and reverends) who are straight women or gay men are out of luck. (Lesbian couples in which one partner is a doctor? You’re good.)

You ask how behind Christians are when it comes to equal rights and catching up to the rest of society?

Well, here’s another piece of evidence that they have a long way to go.