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Not that you need another reason to dislike religion… this one comes from a pastor, Thomas Steagald.

His daughter is a server at Chili’s.

She was working last Sunday when some church-goers came in and… well, let the pastor tell the story:

A group of six church-goers came in last night after their evening services and sat down, not in her area but in another server’s. When the girl came to greet them and take their drink order, one of them said, “We want to tell you up front that we will not be tipping you tonight because…”

Are you ready?

“…we do not believe in people working on Sunday.”

The girl was taken full-aback, stammered out something that sounded like “I wouldn’t have to work on Sunday if so many church people didn’t come in,” or some such. She was furious. So was the manager of the restaurant whom she summoned to deal with them. I think he should have tossed the people out on their…uh…Bibles. To his credit, and demonstrating something like agape all around, he did say to them, “Well, we don’t believe in making our people work for nothing, so I will be serving you tonight.” And he did. God bless him.

Wow. How’s that for compassion and empathy. Going to a restaurant where you need a server and then refusing to tip the person who is going to serve you.

This must mean Jesus was a bad tipper.

I take it based on these Christians’ actions that their church’s pastor doesn’t get paid for his Sunday services then…?

(via Prayer Pilgrimage)