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LAST week George Sodini walked into a Pennsylvania health club and shot three women dead. The 48-year-old injured a further nine people before shooting himself.

George Sodini
George Sodini

Sodini had been a member of the Tetelestai Church congregation – and at the weekend a deacon at the church, Jack Rickard, declared:

We believe in permanent security – once saved, always saved. He will be judged, but he will be in heaven … He’ll be in heaven, but he won’t have any rewards because he did evil.

Church records suggest Sodini last attended services at the nondenominational church about five years ago. He signed an enrolment card in March 2004 but was latest removed from the congregation later for harassing a woman.
Sodini’s misery, according to this report, was apparent in a rambling, hate-filled blog, in which he complained of a non-existent sex life, years of rejection by women and social isolation.
Among those he blamed for his perceived troubles were his family and Tetelestai’s longtime pastor, Alan “Rick” Knapp, whose teachings he interpreted as assurance he would go to heaven even after committing murder.

This guy teaches (and convinced me) you can commit mass murder, then still go to heaven.

And Rickard has just confirmed it.  Is it any wonder Christianity creates so many dangerous and deluded misfits?