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The damage control begins.
Sherri Shepherd states that of course she knows the world is round. She was just caught up in a “senior brain-poopy moment”:

But she still denies evolution.
And she equates simple, basic science knowledge (the world ain’t flat) with “How many triglycerides does it take to make Pluto when the Robitussin comes…”
So she’s still the standout moron of the bunch.
Elisabeth Hasselbeck wants her title back, though.
Here’s what she said in defense of Shepherd:

I don’t think you have to learn to be perfect either… you’re just yourself. I thought you handled that so well yesterday. You said ‘You know I actually, my mind is full of what’s my son doing right now, what am I going to feed him for dinner, I’m a mom.’ Like I think that’s completely fine to say ‘You know what, today I don’t care if the earth is round or flat. I may not care tomorrow, I just wanna know that…’

Someone tell her to stop before she digs the hole even deeper.
(Via The Daily Background)

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