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Pit Bull bit a chunk out of her Bible

A SOUTH Carolina woman who killed her nephew’s dog said the slaying was simply an act of divine intervention.
Miriam Fowler Smith, 65, told cops on Monday that she hanged and burned her nephew’s pit bull after the animal took a bite out of her Bible.
She claimed God urged her to kill the year-old bitch, Diamond, because the animal was a “devil dog” and would hurt neighbourhood children.
According to this report Smith was arrested at the weekend and remains in Spartanburg County jail. She could face faces 180 days or up to five years behind bars if she’s convicted with felony animal cruelty.
She does not have a lawyer yet.
Authorities said Smith confessed to wrapping an extension cord around Diamond’s neck, hanged the animal from a tree, and then set the pup on fire.
Andy Fowler, the dog’s owner and Smith’s nephew, left home on January 9. When he returned on January 15, his beloved dog was missing.
When Fowler confronted his aunt, she admitted to killing the dog, according to cops.
Police found the dead canine nearby under a pile of dried grass. Part of the orange cord was still wrapped around the dog’s neck. The smell of kerosene lingered in the air, according to animal control’s report.
Jaime Nelson, director of the county’s Environmental Enforcement Department, said Smith’s mental state could affect what type of punishment she receives.
He was shocked by the woman’s detached attitude as she recounted the horrific slaying.
Nelson said:

She just acted like what’s done has been done.

Hat tip: Pete H