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It’s always risky to enter the NBA draft early in your college career. You’re not always fully developed as a player and you haven’t had a lot of experience again tough competition. But if you’re really talented, NBA teams might overlook all that.
It worked for Blake Griffin, who left college after two years and was the first person selected in last night’s draft.
It didn’t work quite as well for others.
DeJuan Blair also entered the draft after two years in college. He was picked by the San Antonio Spurs in the second round, 37th overall — Not terribly impressive, though nothing to be ashamed of. It does translate to a far less lucrative contract, though, than he would’ve received as a first-round pick.
Did he have any regrets about entering the draft so early?

“No, this is what I wanted,” Blair said this morning on a conference call the day after the San Antonio Spurs drafted him with the No. 37 overall selection. “I think it was a good decision. I couldn’t have landed in a better situation than I am in now. [San Antonio] just traded Kurt Thomas, their starting forward. It’s a dream come true. I should have been a first-round pick, but God wanted me to drop to the second round.

Right… I’m sure his two surgically-repaired, ligament-lacking knees had nothing to do with it.
At least he’ll provide fodder for atheists over the next couple seasons.
I wonder which team God will root for when Blair plays Dwight Howard
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