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If you are a jinn, be afraid – be very afraid – of Muslim exorcist Ahmed Ali, above, for his powers include the ability to convert you to Islam.
According to this report, Ali, of the Al Fajr Centre in Derby, did just that in Pakistan in July when he was called to the house of a 21-year-old woman who was thought to be possessed by a jinn.
Ali explained:

Jinns are mentally young in age and are made from smoke. They love to make you feel scared. But in my role as a Raqi [spiritual healer], I can’t show any fear to the jinn.
I started with reciting the azaan in the ear of the woman. Then I read Sura Fatiha and then the Qul’s. Next I read the Ayat-al-Kursi repeatedly.
Usually at this stage, if there is a jinn, it will show itself. This girl was resting her hands on her knees. Her fingers started moving randomly.
I spoke to the jinn in Urdu. The jinn spoke back to me.
I asked the jinn if it was a Muslim. The jinn said it was a kafir. The family of the woman were shocked to hear this.
I kept talking to the jinn, giving it dawah. I explained politely that you can’t do this to a Muslim girl.

Ali went on to ask the jinn why it was present in this girl. The jinn claimed it had been sent by the girl’s paternal aunt, although it later admitted that was a lie and that it simply wanted to cause mischief to the girl who is due to get married after Eid.

After a few hours of talking to the jinn, I asked if it would become a Muslim. I told the jinn that Allah would forgive it for what it had done to this girl if it became a Muslim. The jinn agreed and took the shahada. Then it left the girl.
You know the jinn leaves when the person starts coughing violently. This means it is in the chest and throat and is starting to leave. Then the person is coughing so aggressively, almost to the point of throwing up, and that is when you know it has left.

Speaking of his activities in Britain, Ali said:

People come to us for Ruqyah (spiritual healing) from all over the UK and even all over the world. People have come from Canada, Africa, Dubai to have Ruqyah done with us. I pay my Raqi’s (spiritual healers) myself, so they don’t charge the people that come to the madrassah.

Belief in black magic and jinns are an integral part of Islam. Jinns are mentioned frequently in the Koran and are said to be one of three known creations of God – the others being man and angels.
Ali concedes that there are many charlatans operating in his field, and that he own father was misdiagnosed as being possessed by a rogue Raqis.

I watched my own father suffer for years. It took years of travelling all over the world before we found help. So many people lied to us and charged extortionate amounts of money for treatment which never worked.
Eventually we found out he was mentally ill.

Speaking of his clients, he said:

I would say 80% think a jinn is in them when it isn’t. It’s all in their head. They want to think it’s a jinn, or black magic … They actually get upset when you tell them there is nothing there.

According to Ahmed, the case in Pakistan was straightforward and satisfactorily concluded. But some more complicated cases stubborn jinns can take up to weeks to leave a person’s body.
One of Ali’s notable successes involved the exorcism of doctor, a Muslim “revert” working in the psychiatric unit in a hospital in Derby, who was the victim of “black magic” which caused him to leave Islam and have an extra-marital affair.

We were able to remove the black magic through Ruqyah and senna leaves. The senna leaves have to be boiled and then the person drinks it. The leaves have a laxative effect which means the person essentially excretes the black magic.

On another occasion, Ali was approached to exorcise 20 girls from an Islamic school in Lancashire.

They all were possessed by really nasty, aggressive jinns who were spitting and swearing.

Ali says there is an element of risk in performing Ruqyah and says that he is attacked by jinn at least once a week.

They try to intimidate me because of the work that I do. At night time my bed will suddenly start vibrating, or the blanket will be violently pulled off me. Things will fall down randomly in my house. I can feel them trying to enter my leg sometimes. I don’t get scared. I just start reciting the Koran.

Last year The Sun reported “a sinister rise in Islamic exorcisms in Britain”.