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Sam Harris is now blogging:

It’s too early to tell if this will be a worthwhile endeavor for Harris — I would guess that most people stop blogging after only a handful of posts — but it’s a step forward.

One of the problems with the popular atheist books is that, as helpful as they are, they can’t address current events. Richard Dawkins may have led you into atheism, but PZ Myers helps keep it at the forefront of your mind.

Maybe this blog will allow Harris to respond immediately to situations where an atheist viewpoint could offer a relevant perspective. It helps that Harris already has a strong fan base.

My only complaint: It’s still a one-way conversation. There’s no place for comments on his blog.

I’m sure moderation would be annoying as hell on his site, but if you’re not soliciting reactions from the readers, what’s the point? I already know Sam Harris can write persuasive articles. But it’s a different beast altogether to put something out there that people can react to (and criticize) instantaneously.

Wait: One more complaint. There’s no RSS feed for the blog portion of the website. (There’s one for the rest of the site, but not the blog specifically.)

So it’s a small step forward. But a welcome one, nonetheless.