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Back in May, the Maine legislature legalized same-sex marriage. This November, voters in the state will have an opportunity to overturn that law. We can’t let that happen. Just as we saw with Proposition 8 in California in 2008, Maine voters will see Proposition 1 on their ballots this November. Hopefully, the majority will vote No on 1 and same-sex marriage will be protected.
Greta Christina explains why your involvement is so crucial:

The right isn’t wrong about this one. This is ground zero. We need to get every bit as involved in No on 1 as we did in No on 8. If we lose this one, we will, in fact, have lost a tremendous amount of momentum. But if we win, we will have loaded a huge heap of coal into that freight train’s engine. It will make the fight for same-sex marriage in every other state — in New York, in New Jersey, in California in 2010 or 2012, and eventually in Oregon and Minnesota and Alabama — much, much easier, and much more winnable.

What can you do to help?
Blog about it, Tweet about it, tell your friends about it. Even if you’re nowhere near Maine, get the momentum going. And if you know people in Maine, persuade them to vote and to vote the right way.
You can donate to Project Maine Equality.
You can volunteer to fly out to Maine and help spread the message in person (they’ll take care of you once you arrive).
Every bit helps and every victory helps tip the balance in the direction of equality.
(via Greta Christina’s Blog)