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The Atheism subReddit has taken up the cause to raise $42,000 for Doctors without Borders — the amount is an homage to Douglas Adams.
This is a friendly competition with the members of the Christianity subReddit, who are donating to the World Vision Clean Water Fund. Much like with Kiva, we’re crushing them with our generosity 🙂 (I should’ve pointed out that this is hardly a fair fight because the Atheism subReddit outnumbers the Christian subReddit by a longshot. There’s waaaaay more of us. So the “competition” is all in good fun. Still, Christians are more than welcome to try to beat us 🙂 )
As I write this, the atheists have already raised $30,000. The Christians have raised a little over $10,000.
Let’s help the atheists reach their goal (and, as a bonus, give more than the Christians).
If you’re in the U.K., you can give here.
If you’re in America (or elsewhere), you can give here.
I just gave $10. What are you donating?
(Thanks to Josh for the link!)

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