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I spent the day at Harding University (A Church of Christ affiliated school) in Searcy, Arkansas and gave a talk to the students/faculty in the evening about my book and atheism in general.
Here are some of the highlights:

  • The students gave me a great opportunity to talk about my story on their “home turf,” and they asked fair questions afterwards. It was fun for me. I hope it was fun for them. (On a side note, I wish I could better answer the audience’s questions about Philosophy and Biology, but those aren’t my areas of expertise, and I can never give proper/satisfactory responses… I need to get better at that.)
  • Going to a coffee shop after the event with several Harding students and a couple fellow atheists gave us all a wonderful opportunity to talk about our beliefs in a non-threatening, really-fun, why-can’t-this-happen-more-often sort of way.
  • Conversion attempts = 0.
    I’m impressed.
  • In my on-campus hotel room last night, I realized that there was a filter blocking out certain websites… one guilty pleasure of mine is to read the Missed Connections section on Craigslist.
    It was blocked.
    Apparently, that’s a “dating/social” section of the site and is therefore not allowed. I wondered if that was the case everywhere on CL…
    What about Rants and Raves? Blocked. Same reason.
    Men seeking women? Blocked.
    Men seeking men? Really blocked.
    Casual Encounters? Surprisingly *not* blocked… (though as I write this, that has been changed. They must know I tried to click on it!)
    I wondered if other dating sites worked the same way… Blocked. Blocked.
    My beloved Blocked.
    Sean Hannity‘s conservative dating site, Hannidate? Not blocked.
  • There were 2389233 people at the event, which was very exciting and a bit unnerving all at once:
  • You know that spinning globe that is part of the backdrop at Joel Osteen‘s Lakewood Church…?

    The “old” globe now resides in the on-campus hotel’s foyer!

    It’s like Joel was speaking directly to me… Clearly, a sign of good things.
  • I had a chance to visit the Bill Clinton Presidential Library. First thing to note? No mention of Monica Lewinsky (that I saw…) and only a brief mention of his impeachment hearing.
    Second thing? This now-ironic note from Mother Teresa to Hillary Clinton:

Good times.
Tomorrow, the Interfaith Youth Core conference.
For now, a short nap.
Thanks to Brett, Patrick, Tessa, Emily, Andrea, John, Jacob, Dr. Hopper, Professor Monte Cox, and the several others students and faculty members who helped make this event possible!
Update — Some people have posted their thoughts on the event:

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