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The dating site OKCupid has always been great for providing readers with data on user trends.

Most recently, they pointed out that you don’t always get to ask the questions you *really* want the answers to on your first date with someone.

  • Is he a drug addict?
  • Will she have sex on the first date?
  • Do we share political views?

Even though I’m sure some of you are very open about all these things before you meet someone, others may avoid “serious” discussions like this.

So based on OKCupid’s “match questions” that users can answer, they figured out what other questions you can ask instead so you can get an idea of the answers you’d really like to know about.

For example:

There’s a strong correlation between someone who likes beer and someone who is likely to have sex on the first date. Makes sense to me.

Here’s the one, though, that made me smile the most:

That correlation also makes sense. How many Christian commenters have you seen who turn on CAPS LOCK WITH NO REGARD FOR GRAMMAR or capitalize words like “Faith” and “Grace” for no apparent reason?

As we’ve seen polls indicate before, there’s already an inverse relationship between religiosity and education — the higher the degree you have, the less likely you are to be religious. The OKCupid finding fits right in with that data. I would imagine educated people care much more about spelling and grammar than the general public.

What other questions could you ask if you want to covertly discover someone’s religious preference?

My first thought was asking what someone’s favorite subject in high school used to be.

If the answer is Math or Science, you might have found an atheist. If the answer is English, you might have found someone religious. But that’s just based on my hunch. I don’t know how accurate it is. And it would seem to contradict the spelling-and-grammar-be-damned “result” from OKCupid, no?

(Thanks to everyone for the link!)