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As an atheist parent, Laurie has tried to not indoctrinate her children into atheism. She teachers her kids to think for themselves and question what they hear.

She’s not keeping them away from faith, either.

… we have exposed them to some of the religion they’ll encounter in their bible-belt hometown. When they were each four, we enrolled them in the best preschool in town, which happens to be at a Lutheran church, where they learned bible stories and went to chapel. We celebrate Christmas and Easter every year, while explaining the history of how these holidays came about. But we have never said, regarding the stories they learned in chapel and at Christmastime, “Well, sweetheart, they just aren’t true.”

With all the exposure her kids have to Jesus and God via school and other family members, Laurie wonders if she’s not doing enough as an atheist parent.

Am I unwittingly raising Christians?

But her daughter lets her know that all the religious surroundings are not getting to her yet.

The conversation is great — check it out.

It just makes me want to have more children for my collection.