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They sing it every week at church:

From my experience, that’s pretty accurate. Just for the hell of it, I searched for a website with popular Christian song lyrics. I found a list of lyrics. The first one I clicked on was this. This was the second. Maybe there are more complex lyrics somewhere, but I have yet to hear them.

It’s not like most secular pop lyrics are that much better, but don’t expect to find originality or challenging lyrics in a Christian song. When I was visiting churches, it was so incredibly easy to mock the lyrics of the songs the worship bands sang.

Maybe I’m just biased because I spent most of high school listening to Ani DiFranco

(via nakedpastor)

That cartoon could easily represent popular Christian writing as well. Seriously. Open up any Rob Bell book or read some popular Christian blogs, and it’ll seem like every page/post looks like this:

Just replace those words with grace, sinner, love, redemption, humility, serve, and God.

Now, go forth in the comments and write a Christian bestseller!