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Mojoey (of the fantastic Atheist Blogroll) has a great review of I Sold My Soul on eBay up at his site.

Forget the review itself for a moment. Mojoey tells of the perils he endured while simply in possession of the book at an airport:

[Hemant’s note: A few corrections have been made by me]

I was singled out to go through the sniffer, which was followed by a manual check of my bags. The lady who checked my bags pulled [I Sold My Soul on eBay] out and looked at it for a moment.

“Are you an atheist?” I answered “Yes.”

She pointed to the tables at the end of the line. “Step over there.”

15 minutes later I was cleared to enter the airport. Note to self – next time say “huh – what?”

So much security… and Mojoey’s white! Man, that’s just scary.

It didn’t stop there. As he waited in line to board his flight, someone else noticed the book:

A funny little man was collecting newspapers to read prior to boarding a flight. My computer bag was resting where my ass had been a few minutes before. Hemant’s book was on top. The newspaper man reached down and picked it up (which pissed me off).

“Why would an atheist care about faith – that’s stupid, why are you reading such a stupid book?”

I am defiantly not the Friendly Atheist, I’m more like the really big scary man you never want to piss off – my response to the newspaper collector is not printable. The newspaper man dropped my book, tripped over a chair in his haste to depart, while loudly proclaiming “I’m sorry man, I’m sorry.”

Security came over to talk to me, they asked what happened. I said ‘”huh – what?”

Mojoey finally boarded the plane. But his adventures with the book didn’t stop there…:

One of the flight attendants was passing out the little indigestible snack boxes filled with dried fruit can cookies. She paused and looked at the back of the book. Her face screwed up like a prune as she read the words “Unique insights from an atheist’s Sunday-morning odyssey.” I turned the cover toward her, she recoiled like a vampire from a cross. I never got a snack box.

I owe Mojoey a snack box the day we meet in person.

With all the craziness my book put him through, he still gives it a very kind review.

I should also give a mention of the best line in the posting, one that the book’s marketing team will surely enjoy:

I hate to say it, but I Sold my Soul on eBay made me want to go to church.

Not necessarily for the same reasons as a Christian would… but still 🙂

I’m loving these stories of people having scuffles or interesting conversations because of the book. Please keep sending them along!

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