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A couple days ago, I posted this story about how the non-denominational Dove World Outreach Center church in Florida was going to host an “International Burn A Koran Day” on September 11th.
I had a chance to ask the pastor of that church, Dr. Terry D. Jones, a few questions and he gave me the following responses. Feel free to discuss his answers in the comments.
I am posting them here unedited:

Who is the audience for your event?
We hope to reach Moslems and Non-Moslems to awake and awareness that the Koran is a book of lies and that the only true salvation is in Jesus Christ.
Do you think Muslims will turn to Christ as a result of this?
This is our prayer and desire that they would seriously reexamine their religion. They will then come to the conclusion that Islam is of the devil and Christianity is the only true religion.
While you may feel “Islam is a lie” (as it says on your website), do you think this is a smart thing to do strategically?
Yes, we believe it is a smart thing because it will get the attention of thousands of people hopefully causing them to reexamine their relationship with God.
Do you worry about being accused of spreading hate? Is any publicity good publicity?
No, we are not worried about spreading hate because we are spreading the truth. Truth is love and the hope of salvation.
Do you fear any backlash from the Muslim community?
Of course we do becaue Islam has proven itself to be a violent religion and Muhammed promoted violence in the Koran.
Have any of the media reports of this event portrayed you unfairly or inaccurately? Would you like to set the record straight on any particular issue?
We have been accused of being racist. We are not attacking a race. In other words, we are not attacking the Moslem. We love the Moslems and hope that they would come to true salvation. What we are attacking is Islam, the religion, and Sharia law, the political system.
It’s called an “International” event, but is any group/church outside of yours planning on joining you?
We have gotten responses from all around the world. Yes, we are expecting hundreds to attend.
Would you support a Muslim (or atheist) group that felt Christianity was a problem and made plans to burn copies of the Bible?
We, of course, would not support them, but we would support their first amendment rights of freedom of expression
How do you respond to Christians who feel this does more harm than good for spreading the faith?
This is the way that we have chosen to do it. To those Christians who disagree, we would encourage them to choose their own method of spreading the gospel and do so.

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