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Dale McGowan, the author of Parenting Beyond Belief, has a nifty interview with me over at his site.
You get to hear my thoughts on what an optimistic vision of the future looks like for atheists, Dale’s new meme (I’m blushing), and the Heckler story.
About that story… let me add a couple more thoughts on it.
The speech I was giving that night was the first time I had spoken about the “soul-selling” auction to an atheist audience. I wasn’t sure about what the response would be. Julia Sweeney was sitting at the front table. I never get nervous when I speak in public… but I was hoping everything would go as I had planned. All of a sudden, near the end of my speech, the Heckler started cursing out loud (everyone stopped watching me and turned to him). I don’t remember what I said in response to him, but in retrospect, I wish I had smiled and calmly said, “You’re proving my point about why atheists have a bad reputation.”
Definitely one of the more memorable conference experiences for me…
Dale’s piece on all this is here.

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