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Here’s a fun song by a band called Dandi Wind.
It’s called “Balloon Factory.”
You can listen to (or download) it here.
Having the lyrics in front of you might help decipher what he’s saying. Even if you don’t listen to the song, give them a read:

I was
Working overtime at the balloon factory
When I made I made I made a discovery
I pulled it from the discard pile and oh so carefully
Brushed sawdust from the face of the virgin mommy!
The face of the virgin Mother on a deflated balloon
Oh yeah I started laughing and I starting to swoon I
Kissed the cold rubber Tears welling in my eye
a miracle hell yes I started to cry!
brought the ballon real close an inch from my face
I said Mary is their something that-a you’ve got to say
Since you’ve chosen me as your interpreter
relate me a message but all I got outta her was:
wang diddly dang
Dang diddle biddle wang
Wong bong ding dong x2
I said
what the fuck you saying?
Is that Cantonese?! Then I apologized for cussing
And got down on my knees.
I was worried that maybe I was losing my mind
With all this praying I needed to verify
Said to
my pal Juanita get on over here Go!
I was excited but nervous cuz I did not know
If I was nuts or if the virgin would still appear
But Juanita genuflected right then and there
Told the boss – about it all
And Pretty soon we got some pews
Everybody stopped working
We made the press and the news
We got unpaid vacation
For that very night
But no-one left we just held hands
And started to started to recite:
After that I gained
Some local celebrity
I was Promoted to be the
head balloon inspectee
They bought a gilded frame and
Mounted virgin inside
And above my very desk
She came to reside
She hung she hung there for years
For her cult of the devoted
But their love could not prevent
Her image from coming eroded
Hot sun began to warp
And fade till she’d barely be seen
But right before she vanished
Mary whispered this to me:

That song is off of Dandi Wind’s album Concrete Igloo.
Now, who wants to sing it outside the Creation Museum?
(Thanks to Andrew for the link!)

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